Friday, 19 December 2014
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AmbioMote used in an energy harvesting application for an HVAC system

A recently published article from researchers at the University of Maryland demonstrates use of energy harvesting for monitoring of HVAC system. A piezoelectric harvester drives AmbioMote24 to achieve real-time monitoring.

Link to the article

AN-10-0005-1.0 Interfacing a custom sensor

Interface your own custom resistive or a capacitve sensor to AmbioMote24. Apply energy harvesting in a wide variety of applications!

Welcome to AmbioSystems
AmbioSystems LLC designs and manufactures intelligent wireless platforms for sensing, actuation, and structural control of industrial, consumer, and infrastructure systems. Our solutions are differentiated by our focus on using ambient energy sources such as vibration, strain, light, etc to power the systems.

Our flagship product,  AmbioMote is unique all-in-one platform designed for creating wireless sensors powered by ambient energy.

Using AmbioMote platform we can design custom sensors targeting a variety of applications.
AmbiMote allows you to quickly build energy harvesting applications without worrying about difficulties of ultra-low-power design.
AmbioMote supports a variety of sensors including temperature/humidity , light, acceleration, contact pressure, etc.
We can quickly accommodate other sensors for your specific requirements.

 On our Website you can:

Energy harvesting from rotating machinery
Read more...This demonstration establishes feasibility of using energy harvesting for rotating machinery. A piezoelectric energy harvester in combination with AmbioMote24-A achieved transmission rates up to 8 transmissions per second at ~500rpm.
Which sensor would you like to be self-powered? (Drop us a line - may be we already have one for you

Our Web site has been significantly improved.
We added Application examples section where you see energy harvesting with our products in action.
We added On-line Store where you can purchase our products. The store will open soon!
We created an Energy Harvesting Forum where you can share information about energy harvesting and find useful tips.

 New content is being added daily, so make sure to check back!

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